What We Do:
Concierge Style Planning

Our team is known for our originality, artistry, and intentional planning. We will sit down with you and guide you throughout the whole process. Our process will result in a well crafted event.


Our Process includes coordinating a chic custom event coupled with a captivating guest experience. We manage the process in such a way that you are able to enjoy your time leading up to the event and the day of.

Comprehensive planning and coordination of a realistic budget, venue selection, contract negotiation, vendor management and many other details are included in the planning of your custom event. Your experience will be a Milestone Celebration that you and your guest will remember for a lifetime.  When planning your event, we will embrace your vision and will captivate your senses by creating an alluring ambiance through entertainment, lighting, Decor, florals and any intricate details that will create a custom experience.

HEre's how we can help:


Virtual Events

Our on-brand planning captures the corporate message with an interactive experience.

Corporate Events

We plan an immersive branded experience, that will feel like you're in a real event space.

Social Events

Our process of intentional planning will produce an alluring ambiance like no other. From dinner parties, Birthdays, Destinations and more.

Event Planning

There are many talented planners that work at their craft. What makes my work unique, eye-catching and innovative is my natural ability to connect with my clients. My connection comes from listening to your thoughts, dreams and vision. During the time that we will spend together, it will allow me to focus on who you are, what you love about life and your emotional connection to your celebration. These are the things that will allow me to create a celebration that captures the essence of who you are and express it through design aesthetics.

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Venue Selection                                            Destination Logistics 

Contract Management

Culinary Management

Vendor Management

Custom Event Design                                       

Production Management

Our Production team and trusted creative partners uphold integrity at the core of our work and are experienced in following the necessary timelines in order to produce the elements necessary for your event.
They understand the logistical flow from installation to the breakdown at the end of your event. While doing all of this with care and preserving the quality of the outcome for you, your family and guests. 



Luxury is a gift of Ease and



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  Event Design

During our session we will come together to coordinate all the intricate details of your chic custom event. We will build all the elements that come together to create an event unlike any other. This part of the process is one of the most important components to your event. During this time we will choose the critical details to tell your design story. These details include decor, color palettes, choosing textures and patterns and incorporating your design style.

Now let me ask you, who will join you at this celebration and what are the details that will make it extraordinary?

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